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Canon Printer Repair Fort Worth, TX

Canon Printer Repair Fort Worth, TX – We are Fort Worth’s Canon printer repair company. Providing Fort Worth a fast, affordable option for Canon printer repairs.


The Printer Repair Group is Fort Worth’s top provider of fast Canon printer repairs. We repair more Canon laser printers than anyone in Fort Worth, TX. We service most models of Canon laser printers. Our Canon printer repair techs have the training and experience required to repair your Canon printer correctly on the first visit. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we are going to fix your Canon printer quickly and at an affordable price. Call 214-935-2342 or choose an option below to connect with our local Fort Worth-based Canon printer support specialists. We excel at fast, professional Canon printer support in Fort Worth, TX.


Fort Worth, TX
Canon Printer Support: 214-935-2342
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Canon Printer Repair Fort Worth, TX – Contact Our Service Department: 214-935-2342

Canon Printer Service

We are Fort Worth’s top source for Canon printer repairs, service and support. We specialize in Canon printer repairs for businesses.

Canon Laser Printer Repair

We are Fort Worth's #1 choice for same-day, on-site Canon laser printer repair. Our certified technicians are experts at troubleshooting and fixing paper jams, image defects, error codes and all other laser printer problems. We service all Canon laser printers. We repair more Canon printers than anyone in Fort Worth!

Canon Printer Maintenance

We recommend performing general maintenance on your Canon office printers at least once a year. General maintenance will help insure that your Canon printers continue to work like new. Please contact Printer Repair Group's local Canon support specialists to schedule maintenance. Call today 214-935-2342!

Canon Inkjet Printer Repair

The Printer Repair Group typically does not recommend fixing inkjet printers. In most cases, the cost of repair will exceed the printer's value. If you would like a recommendation for replacing your inkjet printer, please contact our customer support team at 214-935-2342.

Current Traffic Conditions for our Fort Worth Printer Repair Service Area.

Call 214-935-2342 to get current printer repair response times in Fort Worth or the surrounding areas.


We provide onsite Canon printer repairs for all of Fort Worth, TX and locations that are within a 45-mile radius of downtown Fort Worth, TX.
For Canon printer repairs outside our standard service area, please call 214-935-2342. We may be able to help you too.

Printer Repair Group – Fort Worth, TX – Cities we service:

Fort Worth, Haltom City, Naval Air Station Jrb, Arlington, Hurst, North Richland Hills, Kennedale, Bedford, Keller, Crowley, Euless, Colleyville


Printer Repair Group – Fort Worth, TX – Zip codes we service:

76102, 76164, 76166, 76104, 76111, 76193, 76121, 76113, 76197, 76196, 76130, 76136, 76147, 76150, 76161, 76162, 76185, 76191, 76163, 76199, 76181, 76195, 76192, 76198, 76101, 76124, 76107, 76110, 76103, 76129, 76106, 76114, 76105, 76109, 76117, 76115, 76190, 76122, 76127, 76119, 76112, 76137, 76133, 76132, 76116, 76134, 76118, 76131, 76120, 76148, 76135, 76016, 76053, 76123, 76180, 76013, 76140, 76012, 76060, 76108, 76182, 76179, 76017, 76054, 76022, 76015, 76095, 76019, 76248, 76244, 76096, 76094, 76005, 76003, 76004, 76007, 76021, 76036, 76040, 76001, 76177, 76006, 76034, 76126, 76011, 76014, 76010


Printer Repair Group – Fort Worth, TX – Counties we Service

Tarrant County

Our Clients

We are proud to be the preferred printer support provider of the following companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have an Canon laser printer? Live near Fort Worth, TX? Have questions about getting your Canon printer repaired?
You’re in the right spot. Check out our FAQs or call 214-935-2342 to talk to a real person.

How much will it cost to repair my Canon printer?

Canon Printer repairs can vary in price depending on the type of printer and the printer’s problem. Please call 214-935-2342 to discuss your particular printer and pricing.

Should I repair or replace my Canon printer?

In most cases, a printer repair will cost less than replacement. We will never recommend fixing a printer when the cost of the repair is estimated to exceed the value of the printer. Call 214-935-2342 to contact a printer support specialist.

What is your response time for Canon printer repair in Fort Worth, TX?

Our average response time for on-site Canon printer repair is within 4 hours of receiving a service request. Check current response times by calling 214-935-2342.

*Service times can vary due to Fort Worth’s heavy traffic.

Will the printer technician have the parts required to repair my printer?

Our technicians carry a large selection of printer repair parts. In most cases, the printer technician will have the necessary parts to fix your printer.

What other printer brands do you support?

We support most major printer brands including Brother, Canon, Konica-Minolta, HP, Xerox and more. To enquire about a particular printer model, please call 214-935-2342.

Does The Printer Repair Group offer Canon printer repairs outside of Fort Worth?

Yes, The Printer Repair Group is part of the largest network of Canon printer repair technicians in the US. With more than 350 printer techs nationwide, we can support most zip codes in the US.

What other services are offered by The Printer Repair Group?

The Printer Repair Group is your one source for everything printers! Our services include: printer repair, managed print solutions, new printers, factory re-certified printers, ink and toner cartridges and recycling services.

Canon Printer Repair Fort Worth, TX – We Repair the Following Canon Printers +more


Laser Printers

imageCLASS LBP654Cdw, imageCLASS LBP612Cdw, imageCLASS LBP352dn, imageCLASS LBP351dn, imageCLASS LBP312dn, imageCLASS LBP253dw, imageCLASS LBP251dw, imageCLASS LBP151dw


Black and White Multifunction Printers

imageCLASS MF6180dw, imageCLASS MF6160dw, imageCLASS MF5960dn, imageCLASS MF5950dw, imageCLASS MF515dw, imageCLASS MF419dw, imageCLASS MF416dw, imageCLASS MF414dw, imageCLASS MF249dw, imageCLASS MF244dw, imageclass MF247dw, imageCLASS MF236N, imageCLASS MF232w, imageCLASS MF229dw, imageCLASS MF227dw, imageCLASS MF216n, imageCLASS MF217w, imageCLASS MF212w, imageCLASS MF4890dw, imageCLASS MF4880dw, imageCLASS MF4770n, imageCLASS MF3010, imageCLASS D1550, imageCLASS D1520, imageCLASS D560, imageCLASS D570, imageCLASS D1350


Color Multifunction Printers

imageCLASS MF810Cdn, imageCLASS MF735Cdw, imageCLASS MF733Cdw, imageCLASS MF731Cdw, imageCLASS MF729Cdw, imageCLASS MF726Cdw, imageCLASS MF634Cdw, imageCLASS MF632Cdw, imageCLASS MF628Cw, imageCLASS MF624Cw


Discontinued Printers

Canon imageCLASS MF419dw, Canon imageCLASS MF515dw, Canon LBP351dn, Canon imageCLASS LBP351dn, Canon LBP352dn, Canon imageCLASS MF632Cdw, Canon imageCLASS MF4690, Canon imageCLASS MF9170c, Canon imageCLASS MF9150C, Canon imageCLASS MF8450c, Canon imageCLASS MF4270, Canon imageCLASS MF6595CX, Canon imageCLASS MF6595, Canon imageCLASS MF6590, Canon ImageCLASS MF6540, Canon imageCLASS MF7460, Canon imageCLASS MF7470, Canon imageCLASS MF7480, Canon imageCLASS MF4350D,Canon imageCLASS MF4370DN, Canon imageCLASS D480, Canon imageCLASS D420, Canon imageCLASS LBP7200Cdn, Canon imageCLASS D1120, Canon imageCLASS D1150, Canon imageCLASS D1170, Canon imageCLASS D1180, Canon LBP6650dn, Canon LBP6300dn, Canon imageCLASS MF8350CDN, Canon imageCLASS MF8050Cn, Canon ImageCLASS MF5850DN, Canon imageCLASS MF5880dn, Canon imageCLASS MF9220Cdn, Canon imageCLASS MF9280Cdn, Canon imageCLASS MF4570dn, Canon imageCLASS MF4450, Canon LBP6200d, Canon imageCLASS MF5950dw, Canon imageCLASS MF5960dn, Canon imageCLASS D1320, Canon imageCLASS D1350, Canon imageCLASS D1370, Canon imageCLASS MF8080Cw, Canon imageCLASS MF8380Cdw, Canon imageCLASS LBP6670dn, Canon imageCLASS MF3010, Canon imageCLASS MF4570dw, Canon imageCLASS MF4890dw, Canon imageCLASS MF4880dw, Canon imageCLASS MF4770n, Canon imageCLASS MF8280Cw, Canon imageCLASS MF8580Cdw, Canon imageCLASS D340,Canon imageCLASS MF6160dw, Canon imageCLASS MF6180dw, Canon imageCLASS MF229dw, Canon imageCLASS MF227dw, Canon imageCLASS MF216n, Canon imageCLASS MF212w, Canon imageCLASS MF217w, Canon imageCLASS MF820Cdn, Canon imageCLASS MF3111, Canon imageCLASS D661, Canon imageCLASS D761, Canon imageCLASS D861, Canon imageCLASS 2210, Canon imageCLASS 2220, Canon imageCLASS 2250, Canon imageCLASS C2500, Canon imageCLASS C3500, Canon LaserCLASS 3170, Canon LaserCLASS 3175, Canon LaserCLASS 5000, Canon LaserCLASS 510, Canon LaserCLASS 5500, Canon LASER CLASS 650i, Canon LaserCLASS 7000, Canon LaserCLASS 710, Canon LaserCLASS 720, Canon LaserCLASS 730, Canon LaserCLASS 7500, Canon LaserCLASS 810, Canon LaserCLASS 830i, Canon LaserCLASS 8500, Canon LaserCLASS 9000, Canon LaserCLASS 9500, Canon imageCLASS 2300, Canon imageCLASS 2300N, Canon imageCLASS D320, Canon imageCLASS MF3240, Canon imageCLASS MF4150, Canon imageCLASS MF5770, Canon imageCLASS MF6530, Canon imageCLASS MF6550, Canon imageCLASS MF6560, Canon ImageCLASS MF6560CX, Canon imageCLASS MF6580, Canon imageCLASS MF6580CX, Canon imageCLASS MF7280, Canon imageCLASS MF8180c, Canon imageCLASS 1100, Canon ImageCLASS 2200, Canon imageCLASS C2100, Canon Imageclass C2100CS, Canon Imageclass C2100PD, Canon ImageCLASS D340, Canon ImageCLASS D660, Canon ImageCLASS D680, Canon ImageCLASS D760, Canon imageCLASS D780, Canon ImageCLASS D860, Canon ImageCLASS D880, Canon ImageCLASS 4000E, Canon ImageCLASS 4000ED, Canon LBP-1760, Canon imageCLASS MF3110, Canon imageCLASS MF5530, Canon ImageCLASS MF5550, Canon imageCLASS MF5730, Canon imageCLASS MF5750, Canon imageCLASS MF8170c, Canon ImageCLASS 4000


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FOR Canon PRINTER REPAIRS IN Fort Worth, TX, please call 214-935-2342.