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HP Printer Repair Los Angeles, CA

HP Printer Repair Los Angeles, CA – We are Los Angeles’ #1 Choice for HP printer repair, service and support. Fast, affordable service for all HP LaserJet printers.


The Printer Repair Group is a #1 provider of HP printer repairs in Los Angeles, CA. We service all models of HP LaserJet printers. Our HP certified printer technicians have repaired thousands of HP LaserJet printers! They have the necessary training, skill, and experience required to repair all HP LaserJet printers. With more than 20 years experience and thousands of successful printer repairs, we are Los Angeles’ most experienced HP printer repair company. Call 310-289-3091 or choose an option below to get in touch with our local Los Angeles-based HP printer support specialists. We’ll repair your HP printer fast and at a fair price!


Los Angeles, CA, 90001
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm
HP Printer Support: 310-289-3091

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HP Printer Repair Los Angeles – Contact Our Service Department: 310-289-3091

HP Printers We Service

We are Los Angeles’ best source for HP printer service and support. We specialize in HP printer repairs for businesses.
Our Los Angeles office specializes in HP LaserJet printer repairs.

HP Laser Printer Repair

We are Los Angeles' #1 choice for fast, on-site HP laser printer repair. Our certified technicians are experts at troubleshooting and fixing paper jams, image defects, error codes and all other laser printer problems. We service all HP laser printers. We repair more HP printers than anyone in Los Angeles!

Perform Printer Maintenance

Are you getting a ``Perform Printer Maintenance`` error? We can help! The ``Perform Printer Maintenance`` error let's you know that it is time to check and possibly replace parts in your printer that may be close to failure. Contact Printer Repair Group to ensure your printer continues to work properly.

HP Inkjet Printer Repair

The Printer Repair Group typically does not recommend fixing inkjet printers. In most cases, the cost of repair will exceed the printer's value. If you would like a recommendation for replacing your inkjet printer, please contact Printer Repair Group's local customer support team at 310-289-3091.

Current Traffic Conditions for our Los Angeles Printer Repair Service Area.

Call 310-289-3091 to get current printer repair response times in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.


We provide onsite HP printer repairs for all of Los Angeles, CA and locations that are within a 45-mile radius of downtown Los Angeles, CA.
For HP printer repairs outside our standard service area, please call 310-289-3091. We may be able to help you too.

Printer Repair Group – Los Angeles, CA – Cities we service:

Los Angeles, Huntington Park, Maywood, South Gate, Compton, Lynwood, Bell Gardens, Inglewood, Bell, Gardena, Dodgertown, Paramount, Hawthorne, Downey, Carson, Torrance, Monterey Park, Montebello, Lawndale, Long Beach, Pico Rivera, Culver City, Bellflower, Alhambra, Santa Fe Springs, Playa Vista, El Segundo, Redondo Beach, Beverly Hills, Whittier, Manhattan Beach, Lakewood, Norwalk, City Of Industry, Marina Del Rey, South Pasadena, Glendale, Playa Del Rey, West Hollywood, Rosemead, Hermosa Beach, La Crescenta, San Gabriel


Printer Repair Group – Los Angeles, CA – Zip codes we service:

90001, 90003, 90002, 90255, 90011, 90058, 90044, 90037, 90270, 90059, 90047, 90021, 90061, 90089, 90023, 90280, 90062, 90007, 90222, 90262, 90201, 90015, 90014, 90305, 90013, 90043, 90030, 90050, 90051, 90052, 90053, 90054, 90055, 90060, 90072, 90074, 90075, 90076, 90078, 90080, 90081, 90082, 90083, 90086, 90087, 90088, 90093, 90009, 90018, 90303, 90071, 90079, 90202, 90017, 90223, 90224, 90040, 90033, 90006, 90091, 90189, 90099, 90063, 90070, 90311, 90306, 90307, 90308, 90309, 90310, 90312, 90008, 90302, 90247, 90057, 90012, 90249, 90301, 90248, 90022, 90220, 90090, 90005, 90221, 90723, 90250, 90304, 90239, 90251, 90026, 90242, 90010, 90020, 90016, 90019, 90056, 90241, 90096, 90031, 90240, 90747, 90746, 90506, 91754, 90004, 90640, 90029, 90504, 90032, 90260, 90805, 90661, 90662, 90230, 90036, 90232, 90045, 90706, 90231, 90233, 90261, 90038, 91803, 90660, 90895, 91755, 91756, 90034, 90671, 90035, 90065, 90094, 90245, 90028, 90707, 90278, 90211, 90048, 90502, 90749, 90039, 90042, 91804, 90745, 90610, 91801, 90266, 90606, 90267, 90711, 90714, 90501, 90712, 90212, 90807, 90066, 90651, 90652, 90810, 91716, 90650, 91714, 91715, 90507, 90508, 90509, 90510, 91802, 91896, 91899, 90027, 90295, 91030, 90503, 91204, 90209, 90213, 91205, 90067, 90064, 90293, 90069, 90292, 91770, 91031, 90041, 90254, 90296, 90670, 90046, 90713, 91209, 91221, 91222, 91224, 91225, 91226, 91778, 91210, 91776, 90068, 90806


Printer Repair Group – Los Angeles, CA – Counties we Service

Los Angeles

Our Clients

We are proud to be the preferred printer support provider of the following companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have an HP laser printer? Live near Los Angeles, CA? Have questions about getting your HP printer repaired?
You’re in the right spot. Check out our FAQs or call 310-289-3091 to talk to a real person.

How much will it cost to repair my HP printer?

HP Printer repairs can vary in price depending on the type of printer and the printer’s problem. Please call 310-289-3091 to discuss your particular printer and pricing.

Should I repair or replace my HP printer?

In most cases, a printer repair will cost less than replacement. We will never recommend fixing a printer when the cost of the repair is estimated to exceed the value of the printer. Call 310-289-3091 to contact a printer support specialist.

What is your response time for HP printer repair in Los Angeles, CA?

Our average response time for on-site HP printer repair is within 4 hours of receiving a service request. Check current response times by calling 310-289-3091.

*Service times can vary due to Los Angeles’ heavy traffic.

Will the printer technician have the parts required to repair my printer?

Our technicians carry a large selection of printer repair parts. In most cases, the printer technician will have the necessary parts to fix your printer.

What other printer brands do you support?

We support most major printer brands including Brother, Canon, Dell, HP, Konica-Minolta, Lexmark, Zebra and more. To enquire about a particular printer model, please call 310-289-3091.

Does The Printer Repair Group offer HP printer repairs outside of Los Angeles?

Yes, The Printer Repair Group is part of the largest network of HP printer repair technicians in the US. With more than 350 printer techs nationwide, we can support most zip codes in the US.

What other services are offered by The Printer Repair Group?

The Printer Repair Group is your one source for everything printers! Our services include: printer repair, managed print solutions, new printers, factory re-certified printers, ink and toner cartridges and recycling services.

HP Printer Repair Los Angeles, CA – HP LaserJet Printer Repair Los Angeles, CA

We have more than 20 years experience servicing HP printers. Our HP printer repair techs have fixed more than 50,000 HP laser printers. We know how to diagnose and repair your businesses’ HP LaserJet printers quickly! If you are looking for the best HP laser printer repair company in Los Angeles, we are your solution. No one in Los Angeles has more experience repairing HP laser printers.


HP Printer Repair Los Angeles | HP Printer Support: 310-289-3091

HP Printer Repair Los Angeles, CA- We Repair the Following HP Printers +more


Color Laser Printers

HP Color LaserJet 4610n (4610n, Q7732A)
HP Color LaserJet 4700 and 4730mfp Series (4700, Q7491A 4730mfp, Q7517A 4700n, Q7492A 4730x mfp, Q7518A 4700dn, Q7493A 4730xs mfp, Q7519A 4700dtn, Q7494A 4730xm mfp, Q7520A 4700ph+, Q7495A)
HP Color LaserJet 5500 (C9656A, 5500hdn, C9659A, 5500dn, C9657A, 5500n, C7131A, 5500dtn, C9658A)
HP Color LaserJet 9500/9500mfp Series (9500n, C8546A 9500hdn, C8547A 9500mfp, C8549A)
HP Color LaserJet CM3530 mfp / CP3525 Series (CM3530 mfp, CC519A, CP3525, CC468A, CM3530fs mfp, CC520A, CP3525n, CC469A, CP3525dn, CC470A, CP3525x, CC471A)
HP Color LaserJet CP4005 Series (CP4005n, CB503A, CP4005dn, CB504A)


Monochrome Laser Printers

HP LaserJet 4050 (4050, C4251A 4050N, C4253A 4050T, C4252A 4050TN, C4254A)
HP LaserJet 4250 Series (4250, Q5400A 4250dtn, Q5403A 4250n, Q5401A 4250dtnsl, Q5404A 4250tn, Q5402A)
HP LaserJet 4350 Series (4350, Q5406A, 4350dtn, Q5409A, 4350n, Q5407A, 4350dtnsl, Q5410A, 4350tn, Q5408A)
HP LaserJet 5000 (5000, C4110A 5000N, C4111A 5000DN, C8068A 5000GN, C4112A)
HP LaserJet 5200 Series (5200, Q7543A 5200tn, Q7545A 5200n, Q7544A 5200dtn, Q7546A 5200L, Q7547A)
HP LaserJet 8000 (8000, C4085A 8000N, C4086A 8000DN, C4087A 8000MFP, C8064A)
HP LaserJet 8100 (8100, C4214A 8100N, C4215A 8100DN, C4216A 8100MFP, C8065A)
HP LaserJet M5025/M5035/M5039 mfp Series (M5025 mfp, Q7840A, M5035xs mfp, Q7831A, M5035 mfp, Q7829A, M5039xs mfp, CE966A, M5035x mfp, Q7830A)
HP LaserJet P4014/P4015/P4515 Series (P4014, CB506A, P4015x, CB511A, P4014dn, CB512A, P4515n, CB514A, P4014n, CB507A, P4515tn, CB515A, P4015n, CB509A, P4515x, CB516A, P4015tn, CB510A, P4515xm,, CB517A)


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For HP Printer Repairs in Los Angeles, CA, Please Call 310-289-3091.

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