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HP DesignJet Repair Boulder, CO

HP DesignJet Repair Boulder, CO – We are Boulder’s HP DesignJet printer repair experts. We provide on-site service for HP DesignJet plotters.


With 20+ years of HP plotter repair experience, The Printer Repair Group is #1 provider of on-site HP DesignJet plotter repairs in Boulder, CO. We service all models of HP Designjet plotters/wide-format printers. Our certified HP Designjet technicians have the training, skill, and experience required to fix the most complex plotter problems. Call 720-204-5964 or choose an option below to contact our Boulder-based HP Designjet service team. Get fast, reliable plotter support!


Boulder, CO
Monday – Friday 8:30am – 5:30pm
HP Plotter Support: 720-204-5964

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HP DesignJet Repair Boulder – Contact Our Service Department: 720-204-5964

HP DesignJet Plotter Repair Boulder – What We Do

We are Boulder’s single source for all printer related services. Our Boulder-based service techs specialize in repairing HP DesignJet plotters. If it’s broken, we can fix it!

HP Plotter Repair

Our plotter repair technicians are experts at repairing HP DesignJet plotters. We repair carriage belts, carriage assemblies, service stations, ink supply stations, ink tube systems, circuit boards and hard drives. All HP plotter repairs include cleaning and testing for proper alignment and calibration.

HP Plotter Maintenance

Has it been a while since you've serviced your HP DesignJet plotter? Are you looking for the best way to protect your investment? Contact our support specialist to discuss maintenance and service options for HP Designjet plotters. They can help with the recommended service intervals to keep your HP DesignJet working like new!

Current Traffic Conditions for our Boulder HP DesignJet Service Area.

Call 720-204-5964 to get current plotter repair response times in Boulder and the surrounding areas.

Our Service Area – Boulder, CO.

We provide onsite HP printer repairs for all of Boulder, CO and locations that are within a 45-mile radius of downtown Boulder, CO.
For HP printer repairs outside our standard service area, please call 720-204-5964. We may be able to help you too.


Printer Repair Group – Boulder, CO – Cities we service:

Boulder, Niwot, Lafayette, Louisville, Longmont, Eldorado Springs, Hygiene, Erie, Broomfield, Jamestown, Arvada, Pinecliffe, Dacono, Denver, Westminster


Printer Repair Group – Boulder, CO – Zip codes we service:

80301, 80310, 80307, 80306, 80314, 80308, 80544, 80309, 80304, 80305, 80026, 80303, 80027, 80503, 80302, 80025, 80533, 80516, 80502, 80501, 80038, 80020, 80021, 80023, 80455, 80504, 80007, 80471, 80514, 80234, 80005, 80031


Printer Repair Group – Boulder, CO – Counties we Service

Boulder, Jefferson, Broomfield, Weld, Adams

Our Clients

We are proud to be the preferred printer support provider of the following companies.

HP Plotter Repair Boulder – FAQs

Check out our FAQs or call 720-204-5964 to talk to a real person.

How much will it cost to repair my printer?

HP plotter repairs can vary in price depending on the problem and time required. For a cost estimate, please call 720-204-5964 to speak to a local printer support specialist.

Should I repair or replace my HP plotter?

In most cases, it will be less expensive to repair an HP plotter than replacing it. Our support specialists are happy to discuss the cost of repair vs. replacement. We will never recommend fixing a plotter when the cost of the repair is projected to exceed the plotter’s value. Call 720-204-5964 to speak with a support specialist.

What is your response time for HP plotter repairs in Boulder, CO?

Our average response time for HP plotter repairs is within 4 hours of receiving a service request. Request expedited service by calling 720-204-5964.

*Service times can vary due to Boulder’s heavy traffic.

Will the technician have the parts required to repair my printer?

Our technicians carry an extensive selection of parts. In most cases, the technician will have the necessary parts to fix your HP plotter.

What other printer brands do you support?

We support most major printer brands To inquire about a particular printer model, please call 720-204-5964.

Does The Printer Repair Group offer service outside of Boulder?

Yes, The Printer Repair Group is part of the largest network of printer repair technicians in the US. With more than 350 printer techs nationwide, we can support most zip codes in the US.

What other services are offered by The Printer Repair Group?

The Printer Repair Group is your one source for everything printers! Our services include: printer repair, managed print solutions, new printers, factory re-certified printers, ink and toner cartridges and recycling services.

HP Plotter Repair Boulder, CO – Plotter / Wide-format Printer Repair Boulder, CO


We repair more HP DesignJet plotters than anyone in Boulder! Our certified technicians are quick at diagnosing and repairing HP DesignJet plotters / wide-format printers. If your HP DesignJet is critical to your business, don’t waste time with under-qualified fly by night technicians. Trust us to fix your HP plotter fast. We’ll take care of repairing your HP plotter so you can get back to your business.

HP Plotter Repair Boulder, CO – We repair the following HP Designjet plotters +more

HP DesignJet – D-size (C3195A)
HP DesignJet – D-size (C4705A)
HP DesignJet – E-size (C4706A)
HP DesignJet – E-Size (C4714A, C4714AR)
HP DesignJet 1050C (C6074A, C6074AR)
HP DesignJet 1050C C6074A, C6074AR
HP DesignJet 1050C Plus (C6074B, C6074BR)
HP DesignJet 1055 CM (C6075A, C6075AR)
HP DesignJet 1055CM Plus (C6075B, C6075BR)
HP DesignJet 130 Series (C7791C, C7791CR, C7791D, C7791DR, C7791F, C7791FR, C7791H, C7791HR)
HP DesignJet 130gp Printer (C7791E, C7791ER)
HP DesignJet 2000CP (C4703A, C4703AR)
HP DesignJet 2500CP (C4704A, C4704AR)
HP DesignJet 2800CP C6085A, C6085AR
HP DesignJet 4000 Series (Q1273A, Q1273AR, Q1274A, Q1274AR)
HP DesignJet 4000/4500/4520 printer series (CM765A, CM765AR, CM766A, CM766AR, CM767A, CM767AR, CM768A, CM768AR, CM769A, CM769AR)
HP DesignJet 430 – D-Size (C4713A, C4713AR, Q1251A, Q1251AR, Q1251V, Q1251VR, Q1252A, Q1252AR, Q1252V, Q1253A, Q1253AR, Q1253E, Q1253K, Q1253V, Q1253VR, Q1254A, Q1254AR, Q1254V)
HP DesignJet 430 – E-Size (C4714A, C4714AR)
HP DesignJet 4500/4500 Scanner (Q1271A, Q1271AR, Q1272A, Q1272AR, Q1276A, Q1276AR, Q1277A, Q1277AR)
HP DesignJet 450C – D-size (C4715A, C4715AR, C6086A, C4716A, C4716AR)
HP DesignJet 4520 Scanner (CM770A, CM770AR)
HP DesignJet 455CA – D-size (C6080A, C6080AR, C6081A, C6081AR)
HP DesignJet 488CA Series (C6082A, C6082AR, C6083A, C6083AR)
HP DesignJet 500/800 printer series (C7769B, C7769BR, C7769C, C7769CR, C7769E, C7769F, C7769FR, C7769G, C7769GR, C7770B, C7770BR, C7770C, C7770CR, C7770E, C7770F, C7770FR, C7770G, C7770GR, C7779B, C7779BR, C7779C, C7779CR, C7780B, C7780BR, C7780C, C7780CR)
HP DesignJet 5000 Series – 42-inch (C6090A, C6090AR, C6090V, C6091A, C6091AR, C6091V)
HP DesignJet 5000 Series – 60-inch (C6095A, C6095AR, C6095V, C6096A, C6096AR, C6096V)
HP DesignJet 510 Printer series (CH336A, CH336AR, CH337A, CH337AR, CJ996A, CJ996AR, CJ997A, CJ997AR)
HP DesignJet 5100 Printer Series (CG710A)
HP DesignJet 5500 – 42-inch (C4713A, C4713AR, Q1251A, Q1251AR, Q1251V, Q1251VR, Q1252A, Q1252AR, Q1252V)
HP DesignJet 5500 – 60-inch (Q1253A, Q1253AR, Q1253E, Q1253K, Q1253V, Q1253VR, Q1254A, Q1254AR, Q1254V)
HP DesignJet 5500mfp (Q6648A)
HP DesignJet 70/90 printer series (Q6655A, Q6655AR, Q6656A, Q6656AR, Q6656B, Q6656BR, Q6656C, Q6656CR)
HP DesignJet 700 – 36-inch (C4706B, C4706BR)
HP DesignJet 750C – D-size (C3195A, C4708A)
HP DesignJet 750C Plus – 24-inch (C4708B, C4708BR)
HP DesignJet 750C Plus – 36-inch (C4709B, C4709BR)
HP DesignJet 750C Plus – E-size (C3196A, C4709A)
HP DesignJet 755CM Series – E-size (C3198A, C3198B, C3198BR)
HP DesignJet 8000 S series (Q6670A, Q6670AR, Q6671A, Q6686A, Q6686AR)
HP DesignJet 815 MFP (Q1279A, Q1279AR)
HP DesignJet 820 MFP (Q6685A, Q6685AR)
HP DesignJet 9000s Printer (Q6665A, Q6665AR, Q6666A)
HP DesignJet Copier CC800PS (Q1262A)
HP DesignJet Jet 700 – 24-inch (C4705B)
HP DesignJet Scanner 4200 (Q1280A, Q1280AR)
HP DesignJet T1100 MFP series (Q6713A, Q6713AR)
HP DesignJet T1100/T160 printer series (Q6683A, Q6683AR, Q6684A, Q6684AR, Q6687A, Q6687AR, Q6688A, Q6688AR, Q6711A, Q6711AR, Q6712A, Q6712AR)
HP DesignJet T1120 SD Multifunction Printer series (CM719A, CM719AR)
HP DesignJet T1120/HD printer series (CK837A, CK837AR, CK838A, CK838AR, CK839A, CK839AR, CK840A, CK840AR, CK841A, CK841AR)
HP DesignJet T1200 44-inch Printer (CH538A, CH538AR, CK834A, CK834AR)
HP DesignJet T1200 HD MFP 44-in Printer (CQ653A, CQ653AR)
HP DesignJet T1200HD MFP Printer (CQ653B)
HP DesignJet T1300 44in ePrinter (CR651A)
HP DesignJet T1300 44in PS ePrinter (CR652A, CR652AR)
HP DesignJet T2300 eMultifunction Printer (CN727A, CN727AR, CN728A, CN728AR)
HP DesignJet T620 24-in Printer (CK835A, CK835AR)
HP DesignJet T7100 Printer series (CQ101A, CQ102A, CQ105A, CQ105AR, CQ106A)
HP DesignJet T770 printer series (CH539A, CH539AR, CN375A, CN375AR, CQ305A, CQ305AR, CQ306A, CQ306AR)
HP DesignJet T790 PostScript ePrinter series (CR647A, CR648A, CR648AR, CR648B)
HP DesignJet T790ps 44-inch ePrinter (CR649A, CR650A, CR650AR)
HP DesignJet Z2100 series (Q6675A, Q6675AR, Q6675B, Q6675BR, Q6675C, Q6675CR, Q6675D, Q6675DR, Q6677A, Q6677AR, Q6677C, Q6677CR, Q6677D, Q6677DR)
HP DesignJet Z3100 series (Q5669A, Q5669AR, Q5669B, Q5669BR, Q5670A, Q5670AR, Q6659A, Q6659AR, Q6659B, Q6660A, Q6660AR)
HP DesignJet Z3200 Photo Printer series (Q6718A, Q6718AR, Q6718B, Q6719A, Q6719AR, Q6719B, Q6720A, Q6720AR, Q6720B, Q6720BR, Q6721A, Q6721AR, Q6721B, Q6721BR)
HP DesignJet Z5200 44-inch PostScript Printer (CQ113A, CQ113AR)
HP DesignJet Z6100 (Q6651A, Q6651AR, Q6651C, Q6651CR, Q6652A, Q6652AR, Q6652C, Q6652CR, Q6653A, Q6653AR, Q6653C, Q6653CR, Q6654A, Q6654AR, Q6654C,Q6654CR)
HP DesignJet Z6200 Photo Printer series (CQ109A, CQ109AR, CQ111A, CQ111AR, CQ111B)


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