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Your HP Designjet T2300 MFP was a significant investment. Repairing your printer requires specific tools and training. Please contact a professional printer service tech to prevent damage to your printer. You can find a printer repair service location near you here.

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Printer problem:

The plotter has a 08:04 error message.

How the printer was repaired:

Replaced the hard drive and updated the firmware to the latest version.

*Troubleshooting a DesignJet T2300MFP System Error 08:04

Touch Control Panel communication to the product functions at the initialization, but during normal working the communication is lost.

Corrective Action: Try the following:
1. Check the event log at the EWS support pages to see if there is another SE (for instance 07:10) and troubleshoot the problem more accurately.

Appendix C: Obtaining the product log and the diagnostics package on page 74 of the DESIGNJET T790/T1300 ePrinter series & T2300 eMFP series Service manual.

2. Turn off the product and turn on again, and check to see if the error remains.

3. Upgrade the firmware For more information, see Appendix B: Emergency firmware upgrade with USB flash drive on page 74

4. Replace the HDD, see Hard Disk Drive on page 295 of the DESIGNJET T790/T1300 ePrinter series & T2300 eMFP series Service manual.

5. Escalate the issue.

Our printer repair and service manuals are not available to the public. If you need further assistance with repairing your printer please contact a local printer service and repair partner near you. View printer service locations at https://printerrepairgroup.com/local-printer-support/.

Parts required for this printer repair:

  • CN727-67045 HP Designjet T2300 Hard Drive

Printer Brand: HP Printer Model: Designjet T2300 MFP Problem Type: Plotter - Error Code Printer Type: Plotter/Wide-format Posted: April 22, 2019

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