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Your HP LaserJet 500 MFP M525 was a significant investment. Repairing your printer requires specific tools and training. Please contact a professional printer service tech to prevent damage to your printer. You can find a printer repair service location near you here.

HP LJ 500 MFP M525 – light print, screen is freezing No ratings yet.

Printer problem:

The copy quality is poor, and the screen is freezing while selecting print options.

How the printer was repaired:

The scans/copies are faded from both the ADF and flatbed. I cleaned glass which did not resolve the issue. This printer requires a new image flatbed scanner unit which is half the cost, if not more than the cost of the printer. This printer may need a DC Controller also, which is another expensive part.

The freezing screen could be due to the hard drive, formatter/main board, and or control panel. Both the High Voltage Power Supply and Low Voltage Power Supply would be in question as well. This is all due to bad power.

Printer Brand: HP Posted: April 22, 2019

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