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Your HP LaserJet M603 was a significant investment. Repairing your printer requires specific tools and training. Please contact a professional printer service tech to prevent damage to your printer. You can find a printer repair service location near you here.

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Printer problem:

The printer is not recognizing paper in tray. The end user is having problems printing envelopes from the multi-purpose tray.

How the printer was repaired:

The printer won't even try to pickup the envelopes, stays at the ready status, but the software program that she's printing the envelopes from, says "Out of Paper", but the printer only displays "Ready".

I can print an envelope fine through the printer menu. The printer appears to be working properly. The problem appears to be in the end users software.

The firmware date code was updated. The paper feed rollers were replaced in trays 2 and 3. Cleaned and tested printer. Continuing to test software issue with another printer in the customer's office.

Parts required for this printer repair:

Printer Brand: HP Printer Model: LaserJet M603 Problem Type: Will not print Printer Type: Laser Printer Posted: April 22, 2019

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