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Ricoh Plotter Repair Waco

We are Waco’s Ricoh plotter repair company! Give us a call for fast, on-site service and repairs in Downtown, Hewitt, Bellmead, China Spring, and all other areas near Waco, TX.

Is your Ricoh plotter showing signs of wear? Maybe you notice ink leaking or the print quality is not as crisp as it used to be. The Printer Repair Group of Waco has repaired thousands of plotters, and we can fix yours too. Our certified techs can diagnose and fix Ricoh plotter issues quickly. Simply call 512-337-3416 to schedule a Ricoh plotter repair today!

On-site Ricoh Plotter Repairs

The Printer Repair Group of Waco is the company to call for on-site Ricoh plotter repairs. We’ve been in Waco for more than 28 years and have repaired numerous Ricoh plotters along the way. Our certified plotter repair techs are the best around. They can take care of any problem that you may have with your Ricoh plotter. If you are having issues with your Ricoh plotter, call us at 512-337-3416 or submit a service request below.

We provide Ricoh plotter service for customers in Downtown, Hewitt, Bellmead, China Spring, and all other areas near Waco, TX.

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Ricoh Plotter Repair in Waco, TX

Ricoh Plotter Repair Waco

  • 28+ years of plotter repairs in Waco
  • Thousands of plotters repaired near Waco
  • Certified plotter techs
  • Same-day, next-day Ricoh plotter repairs for businesses in Waco

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Ricoh Plotter Repair Near Waco

Ricoh Plotter Repairs and Service

Like every other plotter, your Ricoh plotter will eventually require service if it has been overused and poorly maintained. Parts get worn over time, leading to paper jams or poor print quality. Or perhaps there is a problem with the ink tube system that is causing the ink to leak. Whatever the issue, the certified techs at The Printer Repair Group of Waco are ready to help.

Call 512-337-3416 for Ricoh plotter repairs in Waco

Ricoh Plotter Maintenance

The Printer Repair Group of Waco recommends regular maintenance of your Ricoh plotter to keep it working correctly. It is the best way to avoid costly repairs over time. During routine maintenance, our certified techs will thoroughly clean your Ricoh plotter and inspect it for worn parts that commonly fail. Preventative maintenance performed at least once a year will significantly reduce your odds of experiencing downtime. Give us a call at 512-337-3416 to schedule maintenance for your Ricoh plotter.

Ricoh Plotter Maintenance Near Waco
Ricoh Plotter Replacement Near Waco

Ricoh Plotter Replacement

The Printer Repair Group of Waco works with businesses around Waco to extend the life of their Ricoh plotters every day. However, we do occasionally come across a plotter that is beyond repair. It may be that parts are no longer available or that the cost of repair will exceed the plotter’s value. If repairing your old Ricoh plotter isn’t the best option, we can help you upgrade your old plotter with a new reliable model. Give us a call to discuss options that will fit your needs and budget.

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Do you need help with a Ricoh plotter repair? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help, call 512-337-3416 to speak to one of our friendly support specialists.

Do you service Ricoh plotters outside of Waco?

Yes. We service Ricoh plotters in Waco and the surrounding areas. Our techs travel up to 45-miles for on-site Ricoh plotter service and repairs. Below is a complete list of nearby cities and counties that we service.

Cities we service – China Spring, Waco, Crawford, Woodway, Laguna Park, Valley Mills, Ross, Aquilla, Clifton, West, Elm Mott, Mc Gregor, Hewitt, Whitney, Leroy, Lorena, Abbott, Oglesby, Axtell, Meridian, Bruceville, Moody, Mount Calm, Penelope, Cranfills Gap, Flat, Hillsboro, Mound, Chilton, Satin, Eddy, Gatesville, Mart, Blum

Counties we service – Mclennan County, Bosque County, Hill County, Coryell County, Falls County

*If you require repairs outside of our standard Waco service area, please call 512-337-3416 as we may be able to help.

We have other brands of plotters. Can you service those as well?

Possibly. We have years of experience servicing various brands of plotters and wide-format printers, so we are most likely able to help. For service on other brands, please call 512-337-3416 to discuss service options with our local service team.

How quickly can you repair my Ricoh plotter?

Our Waco office provides same-day/next-day service for Ricoh plotter repairs in the Waco area. For service outside of Waco, please call for repair times in your area.

Do you offer preventative maintenance for Ricoh plotters in Waco?

Yes. We strongly recommend that a certified tech perform maintenance on your Ricoh plotter at least once a year. The goal is to keep your plotter in good working condition and eliminate costly downtime. Our routine maintenance includes cleaning your Ricoh plotter and inspecting it for parts that commonly fail. Many businesses schedule regular maintenance with us to keep their Ricoh plotter working like new. If you have yet to schedule maintenance, now is the time to call.

We have an office outside of the Waco market, can you service that location’s Ricoh plotter?

Most likely. The Printer Repair Group of Waco is part of the largest repair network in the US. With more than 350 techs nationwide, we can likely help service your Ricoh plotter outside of the Waco market.

Would it be less expensive to buy a new Ricoh plotter?

Probably not. The answer will depend on your particular situation. Typically, we can repair most Ricoh plotters for much less than the cost of buying a new one. However, if your Ricoh plotter is an older model, and the cost of repair exceeds its value, repair may not be your best option. In this case, it is worth exploring what newer models have to offer. Give us a call; we can help you select a new plotter based on your current needs and budget.

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Can you tell me what is causing my Ricoh plotter problem?

Customers call us every day with questions about their Ricoh plotter problems. They typically want to find out what the cause of their plotter problem is. Below is a guide to help you understand some possible causes of common plotter problems. As your Ricoh plotter is a big investment, we recommend you only call in a professional to resolve any issue.

  • Paper jams - like any other printer, plotters do get the occasional paper jam. Here are some common reasons for Ricoh plotter paper jams.
    • The carriage belt - if the carriage belt is worn, shredded, or broken, the plotter is likely to jam.
    • The carriage rod - a dirty carriage rod may cause paper jams.
    • The encoder strip - if the encoder strip is scratched, it can cause a paper jam.
    • Excessive ink build-up - if your plotter has extensive ink build-up, it may cause paper jams.
  • Leaking ink - the ink tube system is the most likely reason that your plotter is leaking ink.
  • Poor print quality - common reasons why your plotter is having poor print quality include mechanical issues, driver issues, or a problem with the printhead.

I can't send jobs to my Ricoh plotter, can you help?

Yes. However, you’ll first need to check if the problem is with the network or the plotter. We recommend you speak with your IT team about this, and If they can’t resolve the issue, give us a call at 512-337-3416, and we will troubleshoot from the hardware side of things.