Xerox Toner for HP Printers

Xerox Toner for HP Printers

Xerox Replacement Toner Cartridges

Xerox makes replacement toner cartridges for HP and Brother printers.

If you have tried low cost, compatible toner cartridges and have been disappointed I urge you to try Xerox replacement toner cartridges for HP and Brother laser printers. Simply put, Xerox is the best option for lowering cost and maintaining the highest print quality for your HP and Brother laser printers. Xerox replacement cartridges are backed by Xerox’s lifetime warranty which makes them a risk-free option for lowering toner costs. Xerox replacement cartridges deliver higher page yields by as much as 10% and cost up to 30% less than original equipment manufacturers (OEM). We have recommended Xerox replacement toner to some of the largest companies in the US. Once they switch to Xerox replacement toner cartridges they never go back to high cost OEM toner cartridges.

What Xerox says about testing and quality control

To ensure your satisfaction, we constantly monitor the manufacturing quality. First, we print test 100% of cartridges before packaging. Second, we perform monthly life testing at the manufacturing site. Third, our technical engineers test samples from our warehouse inventory.

Rigorous testing and depth of xerographic technology knowledge enable us to put quality into every Xerox laser cartridge – from engineering design to manufacturing to your final output. Our name is on the box and our quality is inside.

In our ever-expanding portfolio, we carry replacement cartridges for the top OEM brands, so you can put Xerox quality into the printers in your office, even if they didn’t come from Xerox.

Final thoughts on Xerox replacement toner cartridges

  • Priced 25 to 35% less than original cartridges
  • Made in the USA
  • Yields equal to or better than the OEM laser toner cartridges
  • Backed by Xerox’s lifetime guarantee
  • Supported by Xerox’s world-class Cartridge Technology Center


Get more toner cartridge buying tips here or contact your local support specialist for Xerox toner pricing.

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