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Zebra Printer Repair Arlington

We provide Zebra printer repairs for customers in Uptown, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and all other areas near Arlington, TX. Fast, on-site service, repairs and support.

Does your Zebra printer need service? Maybe your labels are smudging or fading. Or perhaps you've noticed streaks in your labels. The Printer Repair Group of Arlington has repaired thousands of Zebra printers with these and many other problems. Call 214-935-2342 to schedule a Zebra printer repair today!

Fast On-site Zebra Printer Repairs

The Printer Repair Group of Arlington specializes in repairing Zebra thermal printers. Our certified techs are experts at troubleshooting and fixing Zebra printers. For more than 20-years, we've helped customers keep their Zebra printers working like new. Don't trust your Zebra thermal printer with unqualified service guys, call Arlington's best. Call 214-935-2342 or submit a service request below.

We provide Zebra printer service for customers in Uptown, Dallas, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie, and all other areas near Arlington, TX.

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Zebra Printer Service in Arlington, TX

Zebra Printer Repair Arlington

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Zebra Printer Repair Near Arlington

Zebra Printer Repairs and Service

Every printer, no matter the type, will eventually need service. Your Zebra thermal printer is no exception. As your printer gets older, age and heavy usage will lead to worn parts and a service call. You may notice more that it prints too dark or too light. Or maybe the printhead is causing thin burn lines running top to bottom on your labels. You may even see creases in the printer's ribbon. Regardless of the problem, relax and let our certified techs get your Zebra printer back in working order.

Call 214-935-2342 for Zebra printer repairs in Arlington

Zebra Printer Maintenance

The #1 way to keep your Zebra printer working like new is preventative maintenance. The Printer Repair Group of Arlington recommends scheduling preventative maintenance at least two times a year. Our certified service techs will thoroughly clean your Zebra printer and inspect it for worn parts that are known to fail. Scheduling maintenance twice a year will eliminate unexpected service calls and reduce the overall cost of maintaining your Zebra printer.

Zebra Printer Maintenance Near Arlington
Zebra Printer Replacement Near Arlington

Zebra Printer Replacement

We help businesses around Arlington get the most out of their Zebra printers. However, we occasionally come across a Zebra printer that doesn't make sense to repair. Parts may no longer be available, or maybe the cost of repair more than the printer's value. If this is the case with your Zebra printer, it may be time for an upgrade. At The Printer Repair Group of Arlington, we can recommend a new printer that fits your needs and budget.

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Do you have questions about getting a Zebra printer repaired in Arlington? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help, call 214-935-2342 to speak to one of our friendly support specialists.

Do you service Zebra printers outside of Arlington?

Yes. We service Zebra printers for customers in Arlington and nearby areas. Our techs travel up to 45-miles for Zebra printer service and repairs. A complete list of nearby cities and counties that we service are listed below.

Cities we service – Arlington, Dallas, Kennedale, Fort Worth, Grand Prairie

Counties we service – Tarrant County, Dallas County

*If you require repairs outside of our standard Arlington service area, please call 214-935-2342 as we may be able to help.

We have other brands of thermal printers. Can you service those as well?

Possibly. We have years of experience servicing thermal printers. So it is likely that we can help. For service on other brands, please call 214-935-2342 to discuss service options with our local service team.

How quickly can you fix my Zebra printer?

Our Arlington office offers same-day/next-day service for Zebra printer repairs in the Arlington area. For customers located outside of Arlington, please call for repair times in your area.

Do you offer preventative maintenance for Zebra printers in Arlington?

Yes. As mentioned above, we strongly recommend performing maintenance on your Zebra printer at least twice a year. Regular maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs in the long run. Our routine maintenance includes cleaning your Zebra printer and inspecting it for worn parts. Many customers schedule regular maintenance with us to prevent unexpected service calls and to keep their Zebra printers working like new. If you have yet to schedule maintenance, now is the time to call.

We have an office outside of the Arlington market, can you service Zebra printers at that location?

Most likely. The Printer Repair Group of Arlington is part of the largest repair network in the US. With more than 350 techs nationwide, we can likely service your Zebra printer outside of the Arlington market.

Would it be less expensive to buy a new Zebra printer?

The answer will depend on your particular situation. As a general rule, we can repair most Zebra printers for much less than the cost of buying a new printer. However, some repairs may not make sense. If your Zebra printer is an older model, it is worth exploring what newer models have to offer. You may find that a new model may fit your needs better. If a replacement is your best option, we can help you select a new printer that meets your needs and budget.

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Can you tell me what is causing my Zebra printer to break?

Customers call us throughout the day for help with their Zebra printers. They typically would like to know what is causing the problem. Below is a list of common thermal printer problems and possible causes. These are just general guidelines. Your Zebra printer was a big purchase; we do not recommend trying to repair it yourself, as you can create bigger issues.

  • Fading and smudging - Incorrect heat settings often cause smudging and faded print. If your heat setting is too high, you will get labels that are smudged or printed to heavily. If your heat settings are too low, you will get labels that are faded or printed too lightly.
  • Thin lines from top to bottom of labels - Over time, elements in your printer's printhead will burn out. When this happens, you will begin to notice thin lines that run from the top to the bottom of your labels.
  • Streaks in labels - Diagonal streaks may occur on labels when there is a crease in the ribbon. Your thermal printer's ribbon can become creased if it isn't loaded correctly, or when the tension is not correct. You may be able to fix this problem by reloading the ribbon.
  • Poor print quality - Using low-quality labels or ribbons can result in low-quality print. Make sure you are using the manufacturer's recommended supplies for the best results.

I can't send jobs to my Zebra printer, can you help?

Yes. However, first, you need to determine if it's your network causing the problem. Check with your IT team, if they can't resolve the issue, give us a call at 214-935-2342, and we will tackle the problem from the hardware side of things.