Managed Print Services

Help Lower Your Print Costs

Many organizations overlook the real costs of printing. In fact, close to 90 percent of companies don’t know how much time and money they spend on printing because they don’t track their print costs. Maintaining equipment, tracking and ordering print supplies, and paper wastage are just some of the hidden costs that drive expenses up.

The Perfect Solution To Cut Print Costs

A Managed Print Services (MPS) agreement with The Printer Repair Group gives you insights into your existing print costs with the aim of improving the outcome. Unlike a manufacturer’s fixed, long-lease contract, an independent, trusted MPS provider focuses on flexible, customized solutions that consider your business’ print load and fleet size.

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Keep Operating Costs Down

Print-related issues account for 23 percent of help desk calls. Whether you’re a small or large enterprise, this translates into lost productivity and higher than expected operating costs. Eliminate service calls and let your employees focus on the core business of generating revenue.

Find out how to keep your ongoing print costs down through an affordable Managed Print Services agreement with The Printer Repair Group in your area.

Save Money. Save the Planet.

When printing costs go unchecked, so does the waste from printing documents that never get used. Unnecessary printing contributes to the inefficient use of resources and hurts the environment.

Companies use Managed Print Services to take better control of their printing habits and learn how to use their equipment and supplies more efficiently. The result is a significant reduction in document costs.

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Manage Your Print Costs Effortlessly

The best way to reduce your print costs, evaluate your ongoing usage, access critical IT support, and optimize your print equipment is through a flexible Managed Print Services agreement designed to scale with your operations.

The Printer Repair Group offers comprehensive Managed Print Services (MPS) that will increase the efficiency of your fleet, significantly reduce your print costs and material waste, and save you valuable time and energy on print-related matters.

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*The Printer Repair Group in each location is independently owned and operated. Some services may not be available in your location.