Office Equipment Repair Service

From the first printer we repaired in 1997 to exceeding 500,000 repairs, The Printer Repair Group has become the #1 office equipment repair company in the US. If you are a business looking for a reliable company to provide on-site repairs for printers, copiers, MFPs and other business machines, look no further. Contact The Printer Repair Group near you for professional repair services today!

Office Equipment Repair Services

Types of Office Equipment We Repair and Service

We specialize in repairing office equipment designed for use in commercial environments. You can learn more about the types of office equipment we repair and service below.

Laser Printer Repair Service

Laser Printers

Laser printers make up more than 60% of the printers we repair. So whether you have a paper jam, image defect, printer maintenance errors, or anything else, we can help. Contact The Printer Repair Group near you to learn more about the laser printer brands we support in your area.

Copier Repair Service

Copiers and MFPs

If your copier’s service agreement has expired, don’t fret. We work with companies throughout the US to keep their copiers and MFPs running long after their service agreements expire. Contact The Printer Repair Group near you to discuss available service options in your area.

Wide-format Printer Repair Service

Wide-format Printers

Your wide-format printers are vital to your business operations. So when you need help, don’t waste time with inexperienced technicians. Instead, give The Printer Repair Group a call for professional wide-format printer service. We’ll fix your printer quickly so that you can get back to business.

Thermal Printer Repair Service

Thermal Printers

If your barcodes are not printing correctly, contact The Printer Repair Group near you. Our techs can diagnose and repair your thermal printers quickly. Whether your labels are smudging, printing too light or dark or anything else, we can help. So give us a call today to schedule service.

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We’ve helped more than 500,000 customers with fast, affordable office equipment repairs. Our certified techs are ready to help you too! So contact The Printer Repair Group near you for professional office equipment service today.

Inkjet Printer Repairs for Home Users

Printer Repair Service for Home Users

If you’re reading this, there is a good chance that you are having trouble finding anyone that will repair your inkjet printer. So you may be thinking, “I just bought this printer; it must be worth repairing. Why can’t I find anyone that repairs small ink printers?”

If you want to find out why you are having trouble, continue reading “Why You Can’t Find Anyone to Fix Your Small Inkjet Printer” on this page.

Printer Repairs for Home Users

Why You Can’t Find Anyone to Fix Your Small Inkjet Printer

  • First off, across the US, printer repairs cost between $45-$150 per hour, depending on your location. Therefore, the repair cost typically exceeds what you paid for the printer.
  • Next, printer parts for small inkjet printers are unavailable to printer repair companies in most cases. So, even if you find a company that offers inkjet printer repair service, they are typically limited to cleaning the printer and minimal troubleshooting. If cleaning the printer doesn’t fix the issue, there isn’t much more to do. Unfortunately, at this point, you’ll have no other choice than to buy a new printer.
  • Finally, printer repair companies can’t stay in business by fixing small ink printers for home users. Unfortunately for home users, printer repair companies rely on long-lasting relationships with businesses that need ongoing support for their business-class office equipment.

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