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We are the specialists for Xerox copier repairs in Maryville, Alcoa, Strawberry Plains and all other areas near Knoxville, TN. Businesses throughout Knoxville, TN trust us to service, repair, and maintain their Xerox copiers. There are no Xerox copier problems our certified techs can’t fix, from paper jams to poor print quality to connectivity issues. At The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN, we’re committed to providing the best copier services for your business.

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Best Printer Repair Service Knoxville, TN

More than 500,000 customers throughout the US have trusted our certified copier repair techs. If you need help with a Xerox copier near Knoxville, TN, contact The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN today!

Knoxville’s Xerox Copier Repair Guys

The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN is the company to call for fast, reliable Xerox copier repairs. We have repaired Xerox copiers for 20-years in Knoxville, TN. Our certified copier techs can help your business extend your Xerox copier’s life and ensure your documents look clean and crisp at all times. Scheduling service is easy; call us at (865) 730-4026.

We provide fast, affordable Xerox copier service for businesses in Maryville, Alcoa, Strawberry Plains and all other areas near Knoxville, TN.

Xerox Copier Repairs and Service

Xerox makes one of the best copiers for business use, but even the most reliable copier will occasionally break or need service. Misuse, lack of maintenance, or normal wear and tear will eventually lead to Xerox copier problems. You have invested a lot in your Xerox copier; therefore, you should only trust the qualified copier repair techs at The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN to service your Xerox copier properly. Call (865) 730-4026 to schedule service today.

Xerox Copier Maintenance

Is your Xerox copier showing signs of wear? Maybe your copies aren’t clean and crisp, or your documents are wrinkled. If you’re having these or any other problems with your Xerox copier, give us a call. Regular maintenance is essential to keeping your Xerox copier in good working condition like any device with moving parts. The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN can provide routine maintenance and help prolong your Xerox copier’s life.

Xerox Copier Replacement

The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN works with businesses to maintain and repair their copiers, but what happens when your copier is beyond repair? Sometimes, it just doesn’t make sense to repair an older copier that has seen extensive use. Maybe parts are no longer available, or perhaps the repair cost will exceed the copier’s value. If repairing your copier isn’t the best option, we can help you upgrade and show you the latest available copiers that suit your needs and budget. A new copier may even cost less to run than your old one.

Xerox Copier Repair Knoxville, TN

The Best Xerox Copier Repair Near Knoxville, TN

  • 20-years of copier repairs in Knoxville, TN

  • Thousands of Xerox copier repairs in the Knoxville, TN area

  • Certified copier techs

  • Same-day, next-day Xerox copier repairs for businesses in Knoxville, TN

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Cliff was incredibly efficient and helpful! Trustworthy services and great value, our clinic will definitely be using Cliff as our sole repair tech from now on!

Ariana Kypuros, Verified Google Review

Our office printer was jamming constantly (literally every time we tried to print anything). PRG was quick to respond and send a tech out to service it–he was able to determine the issue, and their team was able to source and install the replacement piece that fixed the issue. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of printer repair services!

I spoke with Rick this past week while inquiring about the Printer Repair Group’s (PRG) services. Although my needs would be better suited elsewhere, Rick kindly gave his professional opinion as he went above and beyond a simple answer to my question by advising with several routes to take in solving my problem. Respectful, informative, and helpful, the PRG staff made sure all my needs were met before disconnecting.

Thanks Travis . Really nice to communicate with someone who really cares about the choice we make in printers. I dont have to guess. Trsvis took the guesswork out of the equation. Thanks again!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Xerox copier repairs in Knoxville, TN? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you still need help, call (865) 730-4026 to speak to one of our friendly copier support specialists.

Yes. We service Xerox copiers for businesses throughout Knoxville, TN and the surrounding areas. In addition, we travel up to 25-miles for Xerox copier service and repairs. See a complete list of nearby cities and counties that we service.

Cities we service – Knoxville, Rockford, Powell, Maryville, Alcoa, Louisville, Corryton, Seymour, Heiskell, Strawberry Plains, Mascot, Clinton, Farragut, Walland, Kodak, Friendsville, Norris, Luttrell, Andersonville, Oak Ridge, Blaine, Sevierville, Maynardville, Lenoir City, New Market, Rocky Top, Powder Springs, Pigeon Forge, Greenback, Townsend

Counties we service – Knox County, Blount County, Sevier County, Jefferson County, Anderson County, Union County, Grainger County, Loudon County

*If you require repairs outside of our standard Knoxville, TN service area, please call (865) 730-4026 as we may be able to help.

Most likely. With over 20-years of experience, there aren’t many brands of copiers our techs can’t service. The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN services the following brands of copiers: Canon, Kyocera, Samsung and Xerox.

*For service on other brands, please call (865) 730-4026 to discuss service options with our local service team.

Our Knoxville, TN office provides same-day/next-day service for Xerox copier repairs. For businesses located outside of Knoxville, TN, please call for repair times in your area.

Yes. We recommend having a copier tech perform routine maintenance on your Xerox copier at least twice a year. Preventative maintenance will help you avoid costly copier repairs. Routine maintenance will include professionally cleaning your Xerox copier, followed by a thorough inspection of parts that are known to cause problems. Regular maintenance will keep your Xerox copier working like new and prevent untimely downtime. To discuss copier maintenance options, please call and speak with one of our Knoxville, TN-based copier service specialists at (865) 730-4026.

Most likely. The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN is part of the largest copier repair network in the US. With more than 350 copier techs nationwide, we can likely help with your locations outside of Knoxville, TN.

Maybe. This question is an important one to ask, especially if your copier is getting older. While we specialize in repairing copiers, sometimes fixing an older copier isn’t your best option. For this reason, we recommend you call The Printer Repair Group of Knoxville, TN and speak with one of our team members. They can discuss your options based on your current copier, the copier problem, and your budget. If your Xerox copier is past the point of repair, they can discuss ways to help you save money on a new copier that fits your needs perfectly.

Follow these tips to keep your copier free of paper jams, image defects, and all other commonly seen copier problems.

Avoid copier paper jams:

  1. Never run documents with torn edges, post-it notes, staples, or folded corners through the copier.
  2. Only use the recommended paper for your specific copier model.
  3. Do not store paper in areas where there is high humidity. High humidity will cause pages to stick together and lead to paper jams.

Keep your copies looking great: If your documents have streaks and lines through them, it may be due to a dirty glass or mirror. To clean the copier glass and mirror, use a soft cloth. If your copies are too dark or light, you may need to check and reset the density settings. Your toner cartridges also play a part in giving you clean, crisp prints. Always ensure that your toner isn’t low or empty. Following these tips will keep your copies looking their best!

General wear and tear: Copiers are like any other device that has moving parts. The longer they have been in service, the more likely parts will wear out. As users, you can do some basic things to prevent any premature wear and tear. First off, never slam paper trays or covers. Slamming paper trays and covers will only lead to more significant problems. Something isn’t right with the copier if you have to force the paper tray or cover shut. Next, keep food and drinks away from your copier. Spilled drinks will wreak havoc on your copier. Finally, as mentioned above, schedule regular maintenance to keep your copier working like new.

Yes. However, we suggest you first determine if the issue is with the copier or the network. Your IT team can help identify network issues. If they cannot resolve the issue, give us a call at (865) 730-4026 and we can tackle the problem from the copier side of things.

Xerox Copier Models that We Repair and Service

We repair the following models of Xerox copiers. However, if you don’t see your model, give us a call at (865) 730-4026 to speak with one of our friendly copier support specialists.

  • WorkCentre 250
  • WorkCentre 133
  • WorkCentre 232
  • WorkCentre 245
  • WorkCentre 265
  • WorkCentre 385
  • WorkCentre 390
  • WorkCentre 450c
  • WorkCentre 450cp
  • WorkCentre 470cx
  • WorkCentre 480cx
  • WorkCentre 490cx
  • WorkCentre 3025
  • WorkCentre 3045
  • WorkCentre 3210
  • WorkCentre 3215
  • WorkCentre 3225
  • WorkCentre 3315
  • WorkCentre 3335
  • WorkCentre 3550
  • WorkCentre 3615
  • WorkCentre 3655
  • WorkCentre 3655i
  • WorkCentre 4118
  • WorkCentre 4150
  • WorkCentre 4250
  • WorkCentre 4260
  • WorkCentre 4265
  • WorkCentre 5020
  • WorkCentre 5022
  • WorkCentre 5030
  • WorkCentre 5135
  • WorkCentre 5222
  • WorkCentre 5225
  • WorkCentre 5325
  • WorkCentre 5632
  • WorkCentre 5645
  • WorkCentre 5665
  • WorkCentre 5735
  • WorkCentre 5765
  • WorkCentre 5845
  • WorkCentre 5865
  • WorkCentre 5865i
  • WorkCentre 5945
  • WorkCentre 5945i
  • WorkCentre 6015
  • WorkCentre 6025
  • WorkCentre 6027
  • WorkCentre 6400
  • WorkCentre 6505
  • WorkCentre 6515
  • WorkCentre 6605
  • WorkCentre 6655
  • WorkCentre 6655i
  • WorkCentre 7120/7125
  • WorkCentre 7132
  • WorkCentre 7220
  • WorkCentre 7220i
  • WorkCentre 7232
  • WorkCentre 7328
  • WorkCentre 7425
  • WorkCentre 7525
  • WorkCentre 7655
  • WorkCentre 7755
  • WorkCentre 7830
  • WorkCentre 7830i
  • WorkCentre 7970
  • WorkCentre 7970i
  • WorkCentre 7970i
  • WorkCentre C2424
  • WorkCentre M15
  • WorkCentre M15i
  • WorkCentre M20
  • WorkCentre M24
  • WorkCentre M35

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