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We offer Xerox printer repairs in Bethany, Weirton and other areas near Wheeling, WV. Paper jams and poor print quality are common printer problems. If you’re encountering these, or any other problems, with your Xerox printer, we can help! The certified techs at The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV have more than 20-years of experience repairing Xerox printers. So call (304) 316-6987 to get service for your Xerox printer today!

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Best Printer Repair Service Wheeling, WV

More than 500,000 customers throughout the US have trusted our certified printer repair techs. If you need help with a Xerox printer near Wheeling, WV, contact The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV today!

We’re Wheeling’s Trusted Xerox Printer Repair Company

At The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV, we offer the best support for all your printer needs, including repairing your Xerox printer. For over 20-years, our certified printer techs have repaired and serviced Xerox printers for businesses in and around Wheeling. As a result, you can count on us to get your Xerox printer working like new. To speak with a Xerox printer specialist, call (304) 316-6987 today.

Get Xerox printer repair service for Bethany, Weirton and other areas near Wheeling, WV.

Xerox Laser Printer Repair and Service

Xerox laser printers are known to be robust and reliable. Unfortunately, even the most reliable printers eventually fail if not serviced regularly. Over time, printer parts become worn and require attention. If you’re having problems with your Xerox laser printer, speak with a Xerox technician at The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV. We can identify the problem and repair your Xerox laser printer as soon as possible.

Preventative Maintenance for Xerox Printers

Are you ignoring a persistent problem with your Xerox printer? Has the print quality of your Xerox printer deteriorated? If you want to avoid downtime, your Xerox printer needs to be maintained regularly. At The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV, we’ll check your Xerox printer for worn parts and make sure it functions like new. So give us a call to schedule regular preventative maintenance for long-term peace of mind.

Xerox Printer Repair Wheeling, WV

The Best Xerox Printer Repair Service Near Wheeling

  • Over 20-years trusted service for Xerox printer repairs in Wheeling

  • More than 50k printers repaired in the Wheeling area

  • Certified printer repair technicians

  • Same-day, next-day Xerox printer repairs in Wheeling

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I spoke with Rick this past week while inquiring about the Printer Repair Group’s (PRG) services. Although my needs would be better suited elsewhere, Rick kindly gave his professional opinion as he went above and beyond a simple answer to my question by advising with several routes to take in solving my problem. Respectful, informative, and helpful, the PRG staff made sure all my needs were met before disconnecting.

Thanks Travis . Really nice to communicate with someone who really cares about the choice we make in printers. I dont have to guess. Trsvis took the guesswork out of the equation. Thanks again!!

Our office printer was jamming constantly (literally every time we tried to print anything). PRG was quick to respond and send a tech out to service it–he was able to determine the issue, and their team was able to source and install the replacement piece that fixed the issue. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of printer repair services!

Cliff was incredibly efficient and helpful! Trustworthy services and great value, our clinic will definitely be using Cliff as our sole repair tech from now on!

Ariana Kypuros, Verified Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Xerox printer service in Wheeling? See what others have asked or call (304) 316-6987 to speak to one of our friendly printer support specialists.

Our certified Xerox printer techs travel within 30-miles of uptown Wheeling. See below for the complete list of cities and counties we serve.

Cities we service – Wheeling, Triadelphia, Valley Grove, Benwood, Martins Ferry, Mcmechen, Yorkville, West Liberty, Tiltonsville, Bridgeport, Glen Dale, Lansing, Short Creek, Windsor Heights, Dallas, Blaine, West Alexander, Colerain, Neffs, Beech Bottom, Bellaire, Bethany, Barton, Mount Pleasant, Wellsburg, Shadyside, Rayland, Maynard, Claysville, West Finley, Moundsville, Brilliant, Glencoe, Dillonvale, Harrisville, Saint Clairsville, Jacobsburg, Adena, Taylorstown, Smithfield, Warnock, Fairpoint, Mingo Junction, Wind Ridge, West Middletown, Avella, Glen Easton, Piney Fork, Powhatan Point, Bannock, Cameron, Graysville, Belmont, Follansbee, Nineveh, Colliers, Steubenville, Lafferty, New Athens, Sycamore, Alledonia, Prosperity, Aleppo, Washington, Holbrook, Morristown, Bloomingdale, Rogersville, Hickory, Bethesda, New Freeport, Cadiz, Atlasburg, Flushing, Langeloth, Beallsville, Meadow Lands, Amity, Westland, Burgettstown, Slovan, Hopedale, Proctor, Weirton, Richmond, Houston, Clarington, Joffre, Holloway, Waynesburg, Strabane, Southview, Littleton, Barnesville, Midway, Hundred, Muse, East Springfield, Jewett, Canonsburg, Brave, Marianna, Bulger, Toronto, Mc Donald, Eighty Four, Cecil, Spraggs, Scenery Hill, Jerusalem

Counties we service – Ohio County, Marshall County, Belmont County, Jefferson County, Brooke County, Washington County, Harrison County, Greene County, Monroe County, Hancock County, Wetzel County

*If you require repairs outside of our standard Wheeling service area, please call (304) 316-6987 as we may be able to help.

Unfortunately, we can’t provide a standard cost for your Xerox printer repair, as this will depend on the specific problem with the printer. For example, some repairs may be as simple as cleaning the printer, while others may require complicated disassembling of your Xerox printer. To get a cost estimate by phone, speak with our support team and tell us about your specific Xerox printer problem. We’re here to help!

To get a Xerox printer repair quote by phone, please call (304) 316-6987.

Deciding whether to repair or replace your Xerox printer will depend on a few factors. Here are some questions you can ask to help you decide if repairing or replacing is the best option.

Is your Xerox printer designed for individual use or a workgroup?

Xerox printers intended for workgroups are typically less expensive to repair than to replace. However, deciding whether to repair a Xerox printer designed for a single user will depend on the printer model and its current value.

Does your Xerox printer meet your current needs?

If you’re happy with what your Xerox printer does and the repair cost doesn’t exceed the printer’s present value, repair it to get many more years out of it. Otherwise, you may want to replace it with a model that meets your current needs.

How old is your Xerox printer?

Have you had your Xerox printer for 5-10 years? If so, It may be time to explore the benefits of a new printer. Of course, each scenario is different, so consult a Xerox printer repair tech about your printer problem before deciding. Who knows? The repair could be a simple fix and could be the best option, regardless of your printer’s age.

How much did you pay for your Xerox printer?

Did you spend less than $400 on your Xerox printer? If so, the cost of repair may exceed its value if extensive troubleshooting and parts are required. However, if you invested in a printer built to last longer, you should call a technician to discuss the cost of repairing it.

Would the cost of repair exceed the value of your Xerox printer?

“Don’t spend more than it’s worth” is pretty much the golden rule if you’re deciding whether to repair or replace your Xerox printer (or any other printer). If the cost of repairing your Xerox printer is more than buying a new printer that meets your needs, buy a new printer.

Are you still having trouble deciding?

If you’re still unsure about repairing or replacing your Xerox printer, The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV is happy to help! Give us a call at (304) 316-6987, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV offers same-day/next-day service to customers in the Wheeling area. That’s because we know that customers want their Xerox printers fixed as quickly as possible.

*Response times may vary due to traffic conditions in Wheeling. Call (304) 316-6987 for current response times.

The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV has a large inventory of commonly used Xerox printer parts for repairs. In most cases, your Xerox-certified tech will arrive with the necessary components to fix your Xerox printer. If other parts are needed, your technician will discuss your options.

Our printer technicians are certified to service most printer brands, including Brother, HP, Lexmark and Xerox. To inquire about a particular printer model, don’t hesitate to contact The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV at (304) 316-6987.

Yes. The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV is part of the US’s largest network of Xerox printer repair techs. With more than 350 printer techs nationwide, we support most metropolitan areas in the US.

The Printer Repair Group of Wheeling, WV is the only source you need for everything related to printers! Our services include Copier Repair , Laser Printer Repair and Plotter Repair .

Xerox Printer Models that We Repair and Service

We repair the following models of Xerox printers. However, if you don’t see your model, call us at (304) 316-6987 to speak with one of our friendly printer support specialists.

  • ColorQube 8570
  • ColorQube 8580
  • ColorQube 8700
  • ColorQube 8870
  • ColorQube 8880
  • ColorQube 8900
  • ColorQube 9201
  • ColorQube 9202
  • ColorQube 9203
  • ColorQube 9301
  • ColorQube 9302
  • ColorQube 9303
  • DocuColor 12 Copier/Printer
  • DocuColor 12 Printer
  • FaxCentre F12
  • FaxCentre 2121
  • FaxCentre 2218
  • FaxCentre F110
  • FaxCentre F116/F116L
  • FaxCentre Pro 735
  • Phaser 300
  • Phaser 300X
  • Phaser 340
  • Phaser 350
  • Phaser 360
  • Phaser 380
  • Phaser 440
  • Phaser 450
  • Phaser 480
  • Phaser 480X
  • Phaser 540
  • Phaser 540 Plus
  • Phaser 550
  • Phaser 560
  • Phaser 600
  • Phaser 740
  • Phaser 740L
  • Phaser 750
  • Phaser 780 Tabloid
  • Phaser 790
  • Phaser 840
  • Phaser 850
  • Phaser 860
  • Phaser 1235
  • Phaser 2135
  • Phaser 3010
  • Phaser 3020
  • Phaser 3040
  • Phaser 3052
  • Phaser 3100MFP
  • Phaser 3124
  • Phaser 3130
  • Phaser 3140
  • Phaser 3150
  • Phaser 3200MFP
  • Phaser 3250
  • Phaser 3260
  • Phaser 3300MFP
  • Phaser 3320
  • Phaser 3330
  • Phaser 3400
  • Phaser 3450
  • Phaser 3500
  • Phaser 3600
  • Phaser 3610
  • Phaser 3635MFP
  • Phaser 4400
  • Phaser 4500
  • Phaser 4510
  • Phaser 4600/4620
  • Phaser 4622
  • Phaser 5335
  • Phaser 5400
  • Phaser 5500
  • Phaser 5550
  • Phaser 6000
  • Phaser 6010
  • Phaser 6020
  • Phaser 6022
  • Phaser 6100
  • Phaser 6110
  • Phaser 6110MFP
  • Phaser 6120
  • Phaser 6125
  • Phaser 6128MFP
  • Phaser 6130
  • Phaser 6140
  • Phaser 6180
  • Phaser 6180MFP
  • Phaser 6200
  • Phaser 6250
  • Phaser 6280
  • Phaser 6300/6350
  • Phaser 6360
  • Phaser 6500
  • Phaser 6510
  • Phaser 6600
  • Phaser 6700
  • Phaser 7100
  • Phaser 7300
  • Phaser 7400
  • Phaser 7500
  • Phaser 7700
  • Phaser 7750
  • Phaser 7760
  • Phaser 7800
  • Phaser 8200
  • Phaser 8400
  • Phaser 8500/8550
  • Phaser 8560
  • Phaser 8560MFP
  • Phaser 8860
  • Phaser 8860MFP
  • Phaser EX7750
  • Phaser II PX
  • Phaser II SD
  • Phaser III PXI
  • Phaser PX
  • Phaser PXI
  • Phaser SDX
  • VersaLink B7025
  • VersaLink B7030
  • VersaLink B7035
  • VersaLink® B400
  • VersaLink® B405
  • VersaLink® C400
  • VersaLink® C405
  • VersaLink® C500
  • VersaLink® C505
  • VersaLink® C600
  • VersaLink® C605
  • VersaLink® C7000
  • VersaLink® C7020
  • VersaLink® C7025
  • VersaLink® C7030

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