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We are the experts for IBM printer repairs in Washington, Springfield, Dulles and other areas near Alexandria, VA. Do you have error messages, paper jams, or print quality issues with your IBM printer? The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA can help! Our certified IBM techs have repaired IBM printers for more than 20-years in the Alexandria area. So, if you need your IBM printer fixed, you’ve come to the right place!

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Best Printer Repair Service Alexandria, VA

More than 500,000 customers throughout the US have trusted our certified printer repair techs. If you need help with an IBM printer near Alexandria, VA, contact The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA today!

We’re Alexandria’s IBM Printer Repair Specialist

The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA is Alexandria’s choice for IBM printer repairs. We’ve served businesses in and around Alexandria for more than 20-years and have repaired thousands of IBM printers along the way. Our certified IBM techs are experts in their field. So, if you need to fix your IBM printer urgently, give us a call and speak to one of our IBM printer specialists today.

Get IBM printer service for Washington, Springfield, Dulles and other areas near Alexandria, VA.

IBM Laser Printer Repair and Service

IBM laser printers are used in many offices as they are among the most reliable in the market. However, even the most reliable laser printers need service once in a while to keep them running smoothly. With prolonged use, parts get worn, and printers eventually fail. If your IBM laser printer requires service or repair, call the experts The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA.

Preventative Maintenance for IBM Printers

Is your IBM printer not performing as well as it should? Are you experiencing paper jams or hearing unpleasant noises when it prints? If so, it’s time to consult with an IBM-certified tech. Like all machines with moving parts, regular maintenance will prevent your IBM printer from a major breakdown. At The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA, we will ensure your IBM printer works like new with regularly scheduled preventative maintenance.

IBM Printer Repair Alexandria

The Best IBM Printer Support Near Alexandria

  • Over 20-years of repairing IBM printers in Alexandria
  • Over 50k printers repaired in the Alexandria area
  • IBM certified printer repair techs
  • Same-day, next-day IBM printer repairs in Alexandria
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Our office printer was jamming constantly (literally every time we tried to print anything). PRG was quick to respond and send a tech out to service it–he was able to determine the issue, and their team was able to source and install the replacement piece that fixed the issue. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of printer repair services!

Cliff was incredibly efficient and helpful! Trustworthy services and great value, our clinic will definitely be using Cliff as our sole repair tech from now on!

Ariana Kypuros, Verified Google Review

I spoke with Rick this past week while inquiring about the Printer Repair Group’s (PRG) services. Although my needs would be better suited elsewhere, Rick kindly gave his professional opinion as he went above and beyond a simple answer to my question by advising with several routes to take in solving my problem. Respectful, informative, and helpful, the PRG staff made sure all my needs were met before disconnecting.

Thanks Travis . Really nice to communicate with someone who really cares about the choice we make in printers. I dont have to guess. Trsvis took the guesswork out of the equation. Thanks again!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about IBM printer repairs in Alexandria? See some frequently asked questions from our customers in Alexandria below. If you still need help, call (703) 454-8762 to speak to one of our friendly printer support specialists.

Our certified IBM printer techs service customers within 10-miles of uptown Alexandria. Below is a complete list of cities and counties we serve.

Cities we service – Alexandria, Washington, Oxon Hill, Arlington, Fort Washington, Parcel Return Service, Fort Myer, Temple Hills, Falls Church, Naval Anacost Annex, Washington Navy Yard, Dulles, Mount Vernon, Suitland, Springfield, Clinton, Newington, Fort Belvoir, Annandale, Andrews Air Force Base, District Heights

Counties we service – Fairfax County, Prince George’s County, Arlington County

*If you require repairs outside of our standard Alexandria service area, please call (703) 454-8762 as we may be able to help.

The cost of fixing your IBM printer will depend on the problem. For example, it may be that your IBM printer requires professional cleaning, or perhaps a part is faulty. Therefore, we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your IBM printer problem so that we can provide you with a cost estimate based on your specific issue.

To get an IBM printer repair quote by phone, please call (703) 454-8762.

Deciding to repair or replace your IBM printer will depend on a few factors. So, here are some questions you can ask to help you decide if repairing or replacing is the best option for you.

Is your IBM printer designed for a small office or a larger workgroup?

IBM printers are generally less expensive to repair than they are to replace. However, it may be beneficial to explore replacement options if you use your IBM printer in a smaller office environment. Ultimately, deciding to repair or replace your IBM printer will depend on the printer model and the current market value of the printer.

Does your IBM printer meet your current needs?

If you are happy with what your IBM printer does, and if the repair cost does not exceed its present value, we recommend repairing it. Otherwise, replace it with a newer model that better suits your needs.

How old is your IBM printer?

Have you had your IBM printer for ten years? 15 years? If so, it may be time to retire it and enjoy the benefits of more advanced features found in newer models. Of course, each scenario is different, so be sure to consult a printer specialist before deciding. Who knows? The repair could be less costly than you thought, and repairing could be the better option despite the printer’s age.

How much did you pay for your IBM printer?

Did you settle for the cheapest printer you could find? Lower-cost printers may not be worth repairing. If your printer cost less than $300, you should probably consider options for a new printer.

Would the cost of a repair exceed the value of your IBM printer?

“Don’t spend more than it’s worth” is pretty much the golden rule when deciding between repairing or replacing your IBM printer (or any other printer). If the cost of fixing your IBM printer is more than buying a new one that serves you better, you should purchase a new printer.

Are you still having trouble deciding?

If you’re still uncertain of the best option for you, why not speak to the support team at The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA? Call (703) 454-8762, and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA offers a same-day/next-day repair service for customers in Alexandria and nearby areas. We know that most customers like you want their IBM printers fixed as soon as possible.

*Response times may vary due to traffic conditions in Alexandria. Call (703) 454-8762 for current response times.

The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA keeps a large inventory of IBM printer repair parts in stock. As a result, our technicians likely have everything required to fix your IBM printer on the spot. If the repair requires additional parts, your technician will discuss your options with you.

Our printer technicians are certified to service most printer brands, including Brother, Dell, HP, IBM, Lexmark, Samsung and Xerox. To inquire about a particular printer model, please contact The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA at (703) 454-8762.

Yes. The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA is part of the largest network of IBM printer repair techs in the US. We have more than 350 printer techs nationwide to support most metropolitan areas in the US.

At The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA, our primary focus is on printer repair services. However, here is a list of additional services we offer: Copier Repair , Laser Printer Repair , Plotter Repair and Thermal Printer Repair .

IBM Printer Models that We Repair and Service

We repair the following models of IBM printers; however, if you don’t see your model, call (703) 454-8762 to speak with one of our friendly printer support specialists.

  • IBM InfoPrint 1570 MFP
  • IBM Infoprint Color 1534
  • IBM Infoprint 1654DN
  • IBM Infoprint 1654N
  • IBM Infoprint 1664DN
  • IBM InfoPrint 1650 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1572 MFP
  • IBM Infoprint 1612
  • IBM Infoprint 1622
  • IBM Infoprint Color 1634N
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1634
  • IBM Infoprint Color 1634DN
  • IBM Infoprint 1664
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1764
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1764 MFP
  • IBM Infoprint 1767
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1825
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1834
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1854
  • IBM InfoPrint 1812
  • IBM InfoPrint 1822
  • IBM InfoPrint 1832
  • IBM InfoPrint 1852
  • IBM InfoPrint 1872
  • IBM InfoPrint 1850 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1860 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1870 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1880 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1826 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1846 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1856 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1866 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1824
  • IBM InfoPrint 1811
  • IBM InfoPrint 1930 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1940 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1985
  • IBM InfoPrint 1948 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1968 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1988 MFP
  • IBM InfoPrint 1823
  • IBM InfoPrint 1892
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1836 MFP
  • IBM 4224
  • IBM 4230
  • IBM InfoPrint 4247-L03
  • IBM InfoPrint 4247-X03
  • IBM InfoPrint 4247-Z03
  • IBM Infoprint 1116
  • IBM Infoprint 1125
  • IBM Infoprint 1120
  • IBM InfoPrint 1222d
  • IBM 6400
  • IBM 6400
  • IBM 6412
  • IBM 4234
  • IBM 6252
  • IBM InfoPrint 1601
  • IBM InfoPrint 1602
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1614
  • IBM Infoprint Color 1654
  • IBM InfoPrint Color 1754
  • IBM InfoPrint 3000
  • IBM InfoPrint 4000
  • IBM InfoPrint 4100
  • IBM Infoprint 1422
  • IBM Infoprint 1422d
  • IBM Infoprint 1422dn
  • IBM Infoprint Color 1464N
  • IBM Infoprint 1512
  • IBM Infoprint Color 1534dn
  • IBM Infoprint Color 1534n
  • IBM Infoprint 1540 MFP
  • IBM Infoprint 1552
  • IBM Infoprint 1552n

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