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We are the authority for Lexmark printer repairs in Washington, Springfield, Dulles and all other areas near Alexandria, VA. Is your Lexmark printer displaying error messages, not printing clearly, or making an unusual noise? If so, contact The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA for fast, reliable service! Our certified Lexmark techs have repaired more Lexmark printers than anyone in town! We have served customers in Alexandria for more than 20-years.

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Best Printer Repair Service Alexandria, VA

More than 500,000 customers throughout the US have trusted our certified printer repair techs. If you need help with a Lexmark printer near Alexandria, VA, contact The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA today!

We’re Alexandria’s choice for Lexmark Printer Repair

The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA is Alexandria’s preferred printer repair company. In the past 20-years, our certified Lexmark techs have fixed thousands of Lexmark printers in and around Alexandria. In addition, we are fast! We offer same-day or next-day on-site repairs. So, if you need service for your Lexmark printer, give us a call and speak with one of our Lexmark printer specialists today.

Call (703) 454-8762 for Lexmark printer repair service for Washington, Springfield, Dulles and other areas near Alexandria, VA.

Lexmark Laser Printer Repair and Service

Many businesses invest in Lexmark laser printers because they are some of the most dependable printers on the market. However, even the most well-built laser printer eventually requires service. Over time, parts get worn and may need replacing. If your Lexmark laser printer isn’t printing as it should, call The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA.

Preventative Maintenance for Lexmark Printers

Don’t wait for your Lexmark printer to break down before you call for service. Like all machines with moving parts, your Lexmark printer performs best when it’s regularly maintained and serviced. At The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA, we’ll check your Lexmark printer for worn parts while keeping it clean and functioning correctly. So give us a call to schedule regular preventative maintenance.

Lexmark Inkjet Printer Repairs

The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA typically does not recommend repairing Lexmark inkjet printers. The reason is that the cost of a repair will likely exceed the printer’s value. However, if you would like advice about replacing your Lexmark inkjet printer, please get in touch with The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA at (703) 454-8762.

Lexmark Printer Repair Alexandria, VA

The Best Lexmark Printer Service in Alexandria

  • Over 20-years of repairing Lexmark printers in Alexandria

  • More than 50k printers fixed in and around Alexandria

  • Certified Lexmark printer repair technicians

  • Same-day, next-day Lexmark printer repairs in Alexandria

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Our office printer was jamming constantly (literally every time we tried to print anything). PRG was quick to respond and send a tech out to service it–he was able to determine the issue, and their team was able to source and install the replacement piece that fixed the issue. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of printer repair services!

I spoke with Rick this past week while inquiring about the Printer Repair Group’s (PRG) services. Although my needs would be better suited elsewhere, Rick kindly gave his professional opinion as he went above and beyond a simple answer to my question by advising with several routes to take in solving my problem. Respectful, informative, and helpful, the PRG staff made sure all my needs were met before disconnecting.

Thanks Travis . Really nice to communicate with someone who really cares about the choice we make in printers. I dont have to guess. Trsvis took the guesswork out of the equation. Thanks again!!

Cliff was incredibly efficient and helpful! Trustworthy services and great value, our clinic will definitely be using Cliff as our sole repair tech from now on!

Ariana Kypuros, Verified Google Review

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about Lexmark printer repairs in Alexandria? You may find the answers below. If you still need help, call (703) 454-8762 to speak to one of our friendly printer support specialists.

Our certified Lexmark printer techs provide service for customers within 10-miles of uptown Alexandria. See below for a complete list of cities and counties we serve.

Cities we service – Alexandria, Washington, Oxon Hill, Arlington, Fort Washington, Parcel Return Service, Fort Myer, Temple Hills, Falls Church, Naval Anacost Annex, Washington Navy Yard, Dulles, Mount Vernon, Suitland, Springfield, Clinton, Newington, Fort Belvoir, Annandale, Andrews Air Force Base, District Heights

Counties we service – Fairfax County, Prince George’s County, Arlington County

*If you require repairs outside of our standard Alexandria service area, please call (703) 454-8762 as we may be able to help.

The cost of repairing your Lexmark printer depends on the particular issue with the printer. Each case is different. Repairs may require anything from a simple cleaning to complex disassembling of the printer. To get a free cost estimate, please call and tell us about the problem you have with your Lexmark printer.

To get a Lexmark printer repair quote by phone, please call (703) 454-8762.

Deciding to repair or replace your Lexmark printer will depend on a few things. So, here are some questions you can ask to help you determine the best option for you.

Is your Lexmark printer a laser printer, MFP, or inkjet?

We typically recommend fixing your Lexmark printer if it’s a laser or multi-function printer. However, it would be best to replace smaller Lexmark inkjet style printers since repair costs are likely to exceed their value.

Is your Lexmark printer designed for office use or home use?

Since Lexmark printers designed for office use are generally less expensive to repair than replace, you might want to consider getting a tech to look into it. Lexmark printers designed for home use will depend on the printer and the current market value.

Does your Lexmark printer meet your current needs?

If your Lexmark printer serves your needs, and if the repair cost does not exceed its present value, repair it. If not, replace it with a newer model that meets your needs.

Is your Lexmark printer too old?

Is your Lexmark printer more than ten years old? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade and buy a new printer with modern features. Of course, each case is different, so be sure to speak to a printer specialist before deciding. Who knows? The issue with your printer could be simple to fix, and repairing could be the best option in your situation.

How much did you pay for your Lexmark printer?

Did you buy the cheapest printer you could find? If you purchased your printer on a tight budget, it’s bound to break after a few years of use. However, if you paid a little more with the expectation that it will last longer, you may want to call us to discuss the cost of repairing it.

Would the cost of a repair exceed the value of your Lexmark printer?

“Don’t spend more than it’s worth” is pretty much the golden rule when deciding between repairing or replacing your Lexmark printer (or any other printer). In other words, if the cost of fixing your Lexmark printer exceeds its current value, buy a new printer.

Still can’t decide what the best option is?

If you’re still unsure whether to repair or replace your printer, the support team at The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA will be happy to help. Call (703) 454-8762, and we’ll point you in the right direction.

The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA offers a same-day/next-day service for printer repairs in Alexandria and nearby areas. We know that customers want their printers fixed as soon as possible.

*Response times may vary due to traffic conditions in Alexandria. Call (703) 454-8762 for current response times.

The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA has a large inventory of commonly used Lexmark printer repair parts. Our parts supply allows our technicians to repair Lexmark printers without needing a second trip in most cases. If additional parts are required, your technician will discuss shipping options with you.

We service most printer brands, including Brother, Dell, HP, IBM, Lexmark, Samsung and Xerox. To inquire about a particular printer model, don’t hesitate to contact The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA at (703) 454-8762.

Yes. The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA is part of the largest network of Lexmark printer repair techs in the US. We have more than 350 printer techs nationwide to support most metropolitan areas in the US.

Yes. The Printer Repair Group of Alexandria, VA is the only source you need for everything related to printers! Our services include Copier Repair , Laser Printer Repair , Plotter Repair and Thermal Printer Repair .

Lexmark Printer Models that We Repair and Service

We repair the following models of Lexmark printers. However, if you don’t see your model, call us at (703) 454-8762 to speak with one of our friendly printer support specialists.

  • * Lexmark MS312dn
  • * Lexmark MS315dn
  • * Lexmark MS410dn
  • * Lexmark MS415dn
  • * Lexmark MS510dn
  • * Lexmark MS610de
  • * Lexmark MS610dn
  • * Lexmark MS610dte
  • * Lexmark MS610dtn
  • * Lexmark MS710dn
  • * Lexmark MS711dn
  • * Lexmark MS810de
  • * Lexmark MS810dn
  • * Lexmark MS810dtn
  • * Lexmark MS810n
  • * Lexmark MS811dn
  • * Lexmark MS811dtn
  • * Lexmark MS811n
  • * Lexmark MS812de
  • * Lexmark MS812dn
  • * Lexmark MS812dtn
  • * Lexmark MS911de
  • ** Lexmark CS310dn
  • ** Lexmark CS310n
  • ** Lexmark CS410dn
  • ** Lexmark CS410dtn
  • ** Lexmark CS410n
  • ** Lexmark CS510de
  • ** Lexmark CS510dte
  • ** Lexmark C746dn
  • ** Lexmark C746dtn
  • ** Lexmark C746n
  • ** Lexmark C748de
  • ** Lexmark C748dte
  • ** Lexmark C748e
  • ** Lexmark C792de
  • ** Lexmark C792dhe
  • ** Lexmark C792dte
  • ** Lexmark C792e
  • ** Lexmark C925de
  • ** Lexmark C925dte
  • ** Lexmark C950de
  • *** Lexmark MX310dn
  • *** Lexmark MX410de
  • *** Lexmark MX510de
  • *** Lexmark MX511de
  • *** Lexmark MX511dhe
  • *** Lexmark MX511dte
  • *** Lexmark MX610de
  • *** Lexmark MX611de
  • *** Lexmark MX611dfe
  • *** Lexmark MX611dhe
  • *** Lexmark MX611dte
  • *** Lexmark MX710de
  • *** Lexmark MX710dhe
  • *** Lexmark MX711de
  • *** Lexmark MX711dhe
  • *** Lexmark MX711dthe
  • *** Lexmark MX810de
  • *** Lexmark MX810dfe
  • *** Lexmark MX810dme
  • *** Lexmark MX810dpe
  • *** Lexmark MX810dte
  • *** Lexmark MX810dtfe
  • *** Lexmark MX810dtme
  • *** Lexmark MX810dtpe
  • *** Lexmark MX810dxe
  • *** Lexmark MX810dxfe
  • *** Lexmark MX810dxme
  • *** Lexmark MX810dxpe
  • *** Lexmark MX811de
  • *** Lexmark MX811dfe
  • *** Lexmark MX811dme
  • *** Lexmark MX811dpe
  • *** Lexmark MX811dte

* Monochrome Laser Printers
** Color Laser Printers
*** Monochrome Multifunction
**** Color Multifunction Printers

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